Mt.GOMADOU Inconspicuous mountain of hydrangea

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 ”Mt. Gomadou” is located in Tagami-cho, Minamikambara-gun, Niigata Prefecture. There was a place like a hidden village where hydrangeas were in full bloom.

 It is a low mountain with an altitude of about 274m and is loved by the people living in the area. You can enjoy mountain climbing as if you were hiking easily, and the view is so good that you can see the plains of Niigata from the top of the mountain.

 Japan calls the time when it rains well in June “tsuyu”, and the hydrangea is in full bloom during this time. This time, I would like you to see the beautifully blooming hydrangeas of Mt. Gomadou.

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◆Bright hydrangea flowers◆

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 A hydrangea that is so voluminous that it fills the road. The appearance of slipping through this is like being in a fairy tale.

 The bright flowers drawn on the canvas of green leaves are in full bloom as if talking to the visitors while being hit by the rain.

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 It’s easy to think that when the fog rises, the light becomes weak and you can’t take pictures very beautifully, but this place is rather a place where you can take beautiful pictures when surrounded by fog or when it rains. ..

 Hydrangea is a symbol of such rain and fog in Japan, and it is an important existence that adds flowers to the heart that tends to sink in the rainy season.

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 Did you know that the part that you think is a hydrangea flower is actually the leaf part?

 The true hydrangea flower is actually a small ball-like part in the center. It’s so vivid that I think it’s okay to use it as a flower ^^ ”What you see is not true” Hydrangea seemed to teach such an important thing.

●The more it rains, the less I want to leave it

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  It started to rain. I would normally go home here, but the more it rains, the more beautiful the hydrangeas shine, so I don’t want to leave even if the weather gets bad.The colorful hydrangea flowers seem to be rather happy to be hit by the rain.

 Rain gear and rubber boots are a must-have ^^

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◆Ancient hydrangea◆

 Most of the hydrangea flowers that bloom here are flowers that have been bred by breeding. Hydrangea has an original species, which is called GAKUA JISAI in Japan.

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 The broccoli-like part in the center is the original “flower”. It has a shape that is quite different from the hydrangea that we Japanese are accustomed to. When you enter the mountain, you can see many of these original hydrangeas. Of course the appearance of the original species is also beautiful ^^

F5.6 SS1/160 ISO-200 0EV 75㎜ PENTAX.K-1 SIGUMA.APO50-500

 Even here at Mt Gomadou, when you approach the mountaintop, you will reach the place where many GAKUAJISAI are in bloom. The appearance of coexisting in the same mountain with the flowers as they were in ancient times seems to teach us important things.

●Let’s look for a heart symbol

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  There are several places in Japan where hydrangeas are in full bloom, but many visitors are looking forward to finding the heart-shaped hydrangea. It’s as crazy as looking for Hidden Mickey in Disneyland.

 It’s wonderful that someone can do it unintentionally with the power of nature ^^

◆Other attractions and important places◆

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 It is the scenery of the hiking course to go to the mountaintop where hydrangeas are in full bloom. Surrounded by greenery, the scenery is soothing.

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 It’s not as beautiful as Kyoto, but there is also a Japanese-style bamboo forest landscape here. Local people take care of it, but in Japan, where the population is aging rapidly, it is becoming more difficult to work every year.

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 There was a parent and child of a bulbul ^^ The appearance of begging for a mother bird is very cute. In Japan, there is a tendency to have a strong desire to protect the forest. Thanks to that, we can connect such precious lives to the future. I’m not very proud of Japan, but I know there are some great things about it. I want to cherish it.

 How was it? There are many wonderful places in Japan that are still unknown. I’m not very good at English, but I would like to share with my friends who live abroad what is wonderful and important in this country that I know.

Mt.GOMADOU,Hydrangea garden



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