I will tell you about Niigata if you are thinking about traveling to Japan

 This article uses Google’s translation function to create sentences.It may not be the correct sentence, but I hope you understand it.

 Due to the influence of COVID-19, I have been unable to travel. There are many wonderful places in Japan such as Tokyo, Kyoto and Hokkaido, but there are also many places that are hidden behind such famous places and are not very noticeable.

 I enjoy photography as a hobby while working as a farmer in Niigata prefecture, Japan. There are some famous places in Niigata prefecture, and even local people go out to take pictures. If you don’t mind, I’ll post some photos in this article, so I hope you’ll take a closer look.

◆Please take a look! Scenery of Niigata◆

 Niigata Prefecture is the region that produces the most rice in Japan. In particular, the type of rice called “Koshihikari” is very popular in Japan, and the ones produced in the area called Uonuma are very expensive. If you visit Niigata, be sure to try “Niigata Rice”!

●Niigata has a rich natural environment

 This is Mt. Makihata, a mountain located in the Chuetsu region of Niigata prefecture. I am protecting my hometown.

 It is the scenery of the marsh called “Fukushimagata”. Many swans fly to Niigata every year and are loved by people. It’s a special existence for me, and I think it’s very important.

 This is a place called Sasagawa Nagare in Murakami City, Niigata Prefecture. This is my true hometown. The rock in the photo is called “Meganeiiwa” and is cherished by people.

 The pine trees that grow in the reef zone that leads to the stretchy coastline can be said to be the most symbolic landscape of Japan. I would like you to come and see the coastal scenery unique to Japan that has continued since ancient times.

●The scenery of the city is also wonderful

 Bandai, Chuo-ku, Niigata City is the center of Niigata Prefecture. It is a nostalgic city where the urban scenery with buildings lined up in the prefecture and the old-fashioned emotional scenery are mixed.

 The scenery of central Niigata is unique. I would like photographers from all over the world to take a snapshot of the scenery with a compact camera in one hand and enjoy it.

◆Speaking of Japan, the scenery of cherry blossoms!◆

 Sakura is a typical landscape in Japan. It’s a very short time, but I recommend you to experience it once in a lifetime!

●Hakusan Park

 These pictures are of the spot called Hakusan Park, and the scenery of the cherry blossoms and the aerial garden is very wonderful. This is an indispensable place to visit Niigata during the cherry blossom season.

●Toyano lagoon& Bandai City

●Bandai City

◆Snow scene◆

 Niigata prefecture is a snowy country. The landscape with snow is very beautiful. Living with snow is very difficult, but I still want to preserve this beautiful scenery.

 It is “Mt. Sumon” which is said to form the largest cornice in the Orient. It is very brave and its appearance is considered to be God itself.

Form a beautiful skabra.

 Due to global warming, the beautiful snowy landscape of Niigata is rapidly disappearing. I would like to share this issue widely. Environmental problems are the problems of human life. And we must take it seriously for the precious lives we live with.

◆I’m taking a picture like this◆

 I have a landscape that I want to convey to you.

◆What am i doing◆

 I am fishing.

 I’m climbing

 I am farming

 I am hunting

 I am the least educated person living in Japan. So, I have to rely on a translator for English, but there is still a landscape in Japan that I would like to share with overseas people.

 If you are looking for a different Japan, please visit this blog from time to time. You will surely be able to see Japan that you do not know.

 And there is something I want you to know. That I, who lives here, and you, who live there, are no different.



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